Welcome to the Heart of Iowa Community Services Region

Serving the citizens of Audubon – Dallas –  Guthrie Counties

The Heart of Iowa Community Services Region (HICS), a member of the Iowa Mental Health and Disability Services regional system,  provides coordination and financial support for mental health and disability services to the citizens of Audubon, Dallas,  and Guthrie counties. 

HICS will work in a quality improvement partnership with stakeholders in the region – providers, families, individuals, and partner health and human service systems – to develop a system of care approach that is characterized by the following Principals and Values:

  • Welcoming and person-oriented
  • Person and family driven
  • Recovery / resiliency oriented
  • Trauma-informed
  • Culturally competent
  • Multi-occurring capable
  1. Living in the community with all the rights and freedoms of all citizens.
  2. The opportunity to be productive, for the benefit of oneself and others.
  3. The respect of other community members.
  4. The support of friends and of providers who deliver creative services.
  5. To have the choice of circumstance and occupation, within the natural limits of income and ability.
  6. To be responsible and in control of the future.
  • All service participants receiving mental health, intellectual disability, and developmental disability services, including multi-occurring substance use issues, health issues, physical disabilities, brain injuries, and other complex human service needs in the Heart of Iowa Region have a right to live, work, learn, and recreate to full independence and permanence in the community.
  • All service participants have the right to full community integration, and access to community resources and supports, without discrimination or stigmatization.
  • All service participants and their families have a right to full participation in planning for access to needed services and supports, and to exercise reasonable choice in services and providers of services within the context of available resources and legal limitations.
  • All service participants and their families have a right to responsiveness to cultural and linguistic diversity and to accommodation from service providers to overcome physical or cultural barriers to needed services and supports within the context of available resources/reasonable costs.


Heart of Iowa Community Services Representatives are always available to help connect you with the services you need.