In order to receive Heart of Iowa Regional funding for desired services, individuals residing in the member counties must meet certain diagnostic, income and resource criteria.

To start the enrollment process, a written HICS Application form must be completed in it’s entirety.  Partially completed applications will be returned and the enrollment process stops.  All applications will be forwarded to the Community Services office in which the applicant resides for determination of eligibility.

 Who is eligible for funding?

  • People who have a mental illness, intellectual disability or developmental disability;
  • Meet specific income and resource guidelines;
  • Resides in one of the member counties of the Region;
  • A professional assessment/evaluation has determined that services are needed.

How do I apply for funding?

What if I need help filling out the form?

Clicking on a form below will download the form to your computer or device. Open the downloaded form to print and complete. If you have questions or need assistance please visit or call your local county Community Services office, and staff will be happy to assist you.