We're a helping heart for Iowa.

You're welcome here. Heart of Iowa Community Services (HICS) is a community-based mental health, disability and social services organization that believes everyone should have access to the highest quality care, with no exceptions. If you need help with a challenge that seems too big for just one person, you've found the right place.

Welcome care for personal well-being.

Heart of Iowa specializes in coordinating provider access and financial assistance for a range of human service needs. A part of Iowa Mental Health and Disability Services (MHDS), we work with individuals and families of all beliefs and backgrounds in Audubon, Dallas and Guthrie counties.

Our promise

Heart of Iowa exists to help hopes and dreams become reality. We’re impacting lives in three areas vital to physical and mental well-being, making good on a promise to build stronger communities full of happier, healthier people.

Improving health

By facilitating access to affordable, specialized and high-quality brain health, disability and other human services care, we enable community members to receive the help they need sooner.

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Increasing hope

We remove roadblocks that can make receiving and paying for care seem like an unsurmountable challenge. When people understand and can better navigate the pathways to help, hope is never out of reach.

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Building successful futures

Overcoming challenges involves becoming an advocate for oneself. When people get the help they need from people who care, small steps transform into long-term goals, creating a clear path to a stable, successful life.

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