Tony shares the gift of connection

“Tony has a gift that none of us have. We can only imagine what it’s like, what our people are going through. He knows."

Melinda Dennis SAFE HARBOR CRISIS CENTER Director of Services

Consistency the key to Dallas’s success

“I actually live on my own. I walk the walk.”


Tina soars into independence

“When I went to Safe Harbor in Woodward, Iowa, and they helped me and I spent time there in recovery. And that’s how I got better.”


John breaks barriers with help from Heart of Iowa Community Services

“I just know that he’s really successful at where he’s at now.There are a lot of people rallying around him to see him do his best. We just kept going, and we just kept figuring out ways to get around the barriers that we were having, and, you know, I think we just never gave up on John and where we knew that he needed to be.”

Jordan Tarin Serivce Coordinator