We put our hearts into what we do.

Heart of Iowa’s staff and our advisory and governing boards are made up of experts and community members from across the health care, service and supervisory spectrum.

Tasked with providing care to our service participants and with determining a management plan to better serve needy children and adults in Iowa, these individuals are responsible for leading change and upholding our values both regionally and within our organization.

Heart of Iowa Community Services Staff

  • Darci Alt Mental Health Director & CEO, Heart of Iowa Region 515.993.1736
  • Brandon Tews Program Coordinator & Compliance Officer 515.993.1722
  • Lisa Kempf Office/Financial Manager 515.993.1716
  • Ryan Hemmer General Assistance Program Coordinator 515.993.1731
  • Kaci Brim Jail Alternatives Coordinator 515.993.1729
  • Breanna Morman Mink Service/Jail Coordinator (Guthrie) 515.993.1739
  • Junior Jaime Jail Alternatives Coordinator (Dallas) 515.993.1727
  • Krista Fisher Service Coordinator (Dallas) 515.993.1737
  • Jordan Tarin Service Coordinator (Dallas) 515.993.1723
  • Clarice Schroeder Service Coordinator (Audubon) 515.993.1717

Advisory Board

  • Jill Christofferson Board Member
  • Roxanne Cogil Board Member
  • Pat Crosley Board Member
  • Peg Dohrer Board Member
  • Hannah Hawkins Board Member
  • Karen North Board Member
  • Darci Alt Chief Executive Officer
  • Diane Jackson Coordinator
  • Terry Johnson Board Member

Regional Children's Advisory Committee

  • TBD * Parents/Activelt Involved Relatives of a Child who Utilizes Children's Behavioral Health Services
  • Lesleyann Christensen The Education System
  • Shanell Wagler Early Childhood Advocates
  • Deb Schrader Child Welfare Advocates
  • Megan Hicks Children's Behavioral Health Service Providers
  • Brenna Bird Guthrie Counta Attorney The Juvenile Court System
  • Dr. Nate Noble Pediatricians
  • TBD * Child Care Providers
  • Lt. Adam Infante Local Law Enforcement
  • Clifford Carney Regional Governing Board

Regional Adult Advisory Committee

  • Larry Loss Parents/Actively Involved Relatives of and Adult who Utilizes Behavioral Health Services
  • Cindy Peeler Iowa Hospital Association
  • Laurie Coolie Adult Service Provider
  • Melinda Austin Adult Service Provider
  • Jesse Swensen Law Enforcement
  • Tyler Eason Dallas County Attorney 5th Judicial
  • Ann Cochran Public Health
  • Jody Hollar RN
  • Brad Golightly Regional Governing Board

Governing Board

  • Clifford Carney Chairman Guthrie County Board of Supervisors
  • Brad Golightly Vice Chairman Dallas County Board of Supervisors
  • Rick Thompson Secretary Audubon County Board of Supervisors
  • Laurie Cooley Provider Member Zion Recovery Services
  • Vacant * Family Member Non-voting
  • Darci Alt CEO Heart of Iowa Community Services Non-voting
  • Lisa Kempf Financial Manager Heart of Iowa Community Services Non-voting
  • Larry Loss Relative of an adult utilizing MHDS services
  • Hanna Sanders Regional Education System
  • Shanell Wagler Regional Children's Behavioral Health Service providers Non-voting